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Here’s this week’s victim and “human” having a conversation with paparazzi a few years ago, and handling it like an adult.

And here’s a real human with the biggest balls in town.  While everyone else is giving their PC opinions over the vs. Perez Hilton news, Kelly Clarkson talks to the media like she’s talking to a close friend.  No filter:  “I’ve been hit before, and I didn’t go make a video, crying about it.”

And with Perez Hilton’s latest statement, if you read closely, he takes some jabs at her comments from two interviews that Clarkson gave today.

Kelly, thanks for taking one for the team, even if some people don’t agree with your blunt responses.

Check out one of today’s interviews from Much Music in Canada (skip to the 2:10 mark):


It’s been quite a busy few weeks, and finally catching up on music news and updating the blog…so forgive the lateness of this, but thought I’d embarrass myself and publicly share that I was fortunate to go to NYC’s Z100 Zootopia for a second year in a row.  That’s right, second year in a row.  If you read the reviews, you’ll know that Kelly Clarkson stole the show.  Flo Rida was a close second – that’s not a typo.

My photos from the May 16th Z100 Zootopia concert at East Rutherford, NJ’s Izod Center:


tip the scales:

1. to make something more or less likely to happen, or to make someone more or less likely to succeed 
2. to weigh a certain amount

Our obsession with the escalating size of Kelly Clarkson’s thighs and ass has overshadowed the release of her outstanding album – at least among my circle of honest and awesome friends who call it like they see it.

Could this be the start of a huge Jenny Craig endorsement deal she’s got planned?  Maybe it’s a health issue?  Is it new birth control?  Is it stress?  Fried pickles?

The issue is not gonna rest.  Jessica Simpson must be relieved.  And even though we can’t stop dissing the weight gain, she’s a bonafide popstar and she’s got legions of fans in full support.  Below, a look through the ups and downs (literally), as sent to me by a die-hard fan.

We got your back, Kelly – no matter how big or small it may get.