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French actress turned folk singer, SoKo, packed Le Poisson Rouge on Saturday night (January 16th) in what she called her “first headlining show in the US”.  No song was longer than three minutes as she jumped from ukulele to guitar to drums to keys (and even brought a full band for some songs), and  her mood swings traveled from somber to comical.  It’s safe to say that her music and lyrics aren’t for everyone, but her two hour set was one of the most unique and raw performances ever – referencing her large journal to pull up the many songs she’s written in the past few years.  Sadly, none have ever been recorded and they may never be recorded.

Her lyrics are some of the simplest, darkest, most heart-wrenching lyrics you’ll hear packaged into a two-and-a-half minute song with little to no production.  The raspy, almost infantile voice draws you in, and SoKo’s very guarded and private life has everyone questioning who’s at fault for inspiring the anger. That question will likely never be answered, but in one of her stand outs from the show, SoKo shared a new track called “For Peter” – a song she penned while watching her good friend taking drugs numerous times.  You couldn’t hear a pin drop around the venue as she repeated the same line over and over during the chorus: “I love you too much to watch you die…I love you too much to watch you die…”

Pictures from the show below.


Photo by Primary UK.

As Tila Tequila continues with her suicidal tweeting every minute of the day (she needs to be admitted ASAP), there’s another girl out there we should keep our eyes on. 

SoKo hails from France where she’s a successful actress full-time, and an angsty folk artist part-time.  Relatively private, it’s unsure who is at fault for inspiring her lyrics to songs such as “I’ll Kill Her”, “Shitty Day”, “I’ll Never Love You More”, “My Enemy”, “It’s Raining Outside”, “It’s Hard to be Alone”, “It’s Not Going to Work” etc.  Her dark lyrics still manage to have an underlying tinge of humor and youth to them – even with her threatening attempt at murdering the girl who’s taken her lover and her “future away” in the song that put her on the international map, “I”ll Kill Her.” She became well known outside of France, after a radio station in Denmark began to play the track a few years ago, making it a hit pretty much everywhere but the US. 

Unhappy and overwhelmed with how her music career was progressing (she recorded an album and immediately scrapped it, and has never officially released anything to this date), she up-and-quit a year ago – stating on her myspace page: “SOKO IS DEAD”.  She vanished for a year, canceled some concert dates, canceled on SXSW, and in the process moved to LA (which she appropriately and bitterly calls “helL.A.”).  Since then, she’s written new songs and seems like she’s come to terms with her music once again.  She returned to France for a surprise show in November of ’09, and now has come to NYC for a performance this weekend at Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village (Saturday, January 16th).  Pretty big step.

Check out an acoustic performance of “I’ll Kill Her” below, and a video from last year’s show in Paris – her big return – titled “SOKO IS NOT DEAD”.


Lenny and Lisa’s talented offspring, Zoe, will take the stage with her band (Elevator Fight) on Wednesday night, July 29th at 11p/Le Poisson Rouge.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, so check them out.  Find out more about the event here, and rsvp to:


In his own quiet and awkard demeanor, Chris Garneau celebrated the release of his sophomore album, El Radio, with an intimate show (and CD release party) in the West Village’s newest music venue, Le Poisson Rouge, on Thursday night (July 9th).  


After a short tour in China (where he was quarantined due to the swine flu “outbreak” in the US), Garneau returned to resident fans in NYC for a 14-song setlist.  Composed of mostly new songs from his latest (with a couple of nods to his C-Sides EP and one track off of his debut, Music For Tourists), he took us through struggles – uncertainty, escape, misery, and a glimmer of a possibility that things can only get better (“You’re so right.  I torture myself in the night.  I know you love me, but be smart.  Offer solutions, instead of your heart”from “Raw and Awake”). 


A personal highlight of the night was his song “Over and Over”.  The song in itself is brilliant and simple: beating us down with repeated verses and choruses, dropping the mighty f-bomb with firmness, giving us a taste of what the ex might have taken him through.  His bravest lyric of the night may even come from here:  “We’re all cursed anyway..and that’s how it goes…It’s all up to me now.  There’s a lot of work to do.  Leave me be.  I am through.” 


Garneau shared that a new album is already in the works – a collection of songs for the winter season (and he gave us a taste of it with one song last night).  Dreary and sad, but what else would we expect?

Check out two video’s from last night’s show – thanks to Jayvee of The Round Table!

Chris Garneau: July 9, 2009; Le Poisson Rouge, NYC Setlist:

Hands on the Radio

Leaving Song

Dirty Night Clowns

Raw and Awake

No More Pirates


Hometown Girls

Winter Song (new song)

Castle Time

The Island Song

Over and Over

Love Zombies

Pirates Reprise


Black Out