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She comes across as a soft spoken girl who, at some point, might have been mislead by a senseless best guy friend or trapped in a relationship that maybe needed some breathing room (“Under My Bed”).

Then she has her glass-half-full moments where she daydreams of good mornings (“How Lucky We Are”) or the perfect soulmate (“Reasons to Love You”).  Looking at her lyrics as a whole, it’s a definite mindfuck and watching her perform on Thursday night (May 7th at the Canal Room), it’s hard to imagine why anyone would dare put Meiko in any glass-half-empty situations.  She wouldn’t hurt a fly, I don’t think.

Winning me over after hearing the first note, Meiko has a quality of writing lyrics that are short, sweet, catchy, but with a sting if you once turned on her and deserve it. Her voice is strong and one of the cleanest I’ve ever heard – what you hear on her album is what you get in her live performances (please take note, Lady Gaga).

After the show, she shared with me that a new album is in the works and the plan is to release it in the next four to five months.  Before then, she plans to return to NYC for another show; currently planning to return in a month.  Two pieces of really great news.

Pictures and setlist below…plus JayVee of The Round Table has her take on the show, video, and my genuis move of tripping Meiko on the way to the stage.  Head there for more good Meiko material, and the scoop on the excellent opening band, Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons.   

Meiko: Canal Room NYC, May 7, 2009 Setlist

Said and Done

Under My Bed


Piano Song

Reasons to Love You

How Lucky We Are (“Shitty Apartment”)


Boys with Girlfriends

Loser (new song)

Walk By

Real, Real Sweet

Super Freak (Rick James cover)



There are many reasons to dig this humble and legitimately talented L.A. girl, but here’s one (as posted on her myspace blog last week).

And head here to download “Reasons to Love You” and other great acoustic tracks – for free – from last year’s Daytrotter Sessions. 


Holy Crapola!
Current mood:  surprised

I was in Target today, standing in line to check out, and the girl behind me’s phone rang…and guess what?  Her ringtone was my song “Boys With Girlfriends“!  What what!???  I was frrrreaking out!  Totally nuts. 

Anyway- that was my excitement for the day.  Hope yall are swell…


Posted: April 27, 2009 in Hot Trax, Sirens

Undeniably hot, talented, and will knock the socks off of any bear in sight.

See Exhibit A below – her video for “Boys With Girlfriends” – likely to cause addiction right off the bat, making you understand why she would possibly lure bear stalkers with jealous/fatal-attraction tendencies to chase her around any given city.

Meiko will play NYC’s Canal Room on May 7th.