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Regina made her SNL debut this past weekend – 10.10.09 – Check out “The Calculation”.   Slightly bummed out that they removed the Drew Barrymore introduction to this video – she seemed high and looked wasted – just how we like her.



Here are my pix from the Barnes & Noble event, Upstairs at the Square (at Union Square) on Tuesday, August 18th.   Regina Spektor took an hour to go deep and explain the impact that NYC, her family, and growing up in Russia has had on her music.  Shy, uncomfortable, and a little inarticulate with the answers, Spektor often handed the baton to author Kurt Anderson, who shared the stage with her and tackled the questions by host/journalist Katherine Lanpher.  Any of her long-winded rambles were quickly forgotten, because when it came down to her performances, she delivered on every point.

In between the Q&A, Regina performed “Laughing With”, “Folding Chair”, “Blue Lips” and the crowd-favorite, “Us.”  Go here to watch it.



Last time we all checked, wearing a “weave” shaped like an elephant was not cool.  Furthermore, you’re NOT Regina Spektor and should stop with the “acoustic” attempts at your much hyped and overplayed tracks.  Your piano playing and your shot at changing up the vocals to make it feel “classical” doesn’t work when you have an animal sitting on your head.  Give it a rest. 



Regina will be put on a free show in NYC very soon. 


August 18th
Barnes & Noble
Union Square Location (7PM)

Less than a week before the release of her new album, Far, Regina Spektor fought her nerves and returned to her stomping grounds of NYC and performed a 22-song set at the Beacon Theater (June 17, 2009).

It’s unbelievable to sit and watch her work every key on her grand piano without effort and create sounds with her voice like no other performer (including a dolphin noise – on key).  To say she was on-point, charming, and brilliant as the night progressed is putting it very lightly.  She remains modest, thrown aback by how fascinated we all were by her performance (which included a moan in unison after announcing her final song to the sold-out crowd).  Every note in tune.  Every thank you was genuine. And every album in her arsenal was touched at some point throughout the night.

She’s a performer with several albums and music videos that don’t entirely capture her real talent.  To appreciate the overwhelming and in-your-face raw talent, you’ve really got to experience it live and first-hand.

Head to her myspace page this week for a full album preview, before the release on June 23rd.

My photos and setlist below…



1.  Folding Chair

2. Lucky Penny

3.Time is All Around

4. Eet

5. The Calculation

6. Machine

7. One More Time with Feeling

8. On the Radio

9. Blue Lips

10. Riot Gear

11.  Laughing With

12. Bobbing for Apples

13. That Time

14. Apres Moi

15.  Human of the Year

16.  Poor Little Rich Boy

17. Holocaust

18. Consequence of Sound

19.  Man of a Thousand Faces


20. Samson

21. Us

22. Fidelity

Who: Arctic Monkeys’ frontman Alex Turner, with girlfriend Alexa Chung, and drummer Matt Helders

What: Hanging out at Regina Spektor’s concert, without seats

When: June 17, 2009

Where: Beacon Theater, Upper West Side

Why: It’s the Arctic Monkeys.

First off, there was Regina Spektor, pounding on the keys of her typewriter in the just released video for “Eet”, off of her forthcoming album Far.  And now there’s a band called Camera.

In this artsy documentary style video, shot by an independent filmmaker from Chicago named Daniel Ryan, the band utilizes a typewriter as their percussion set, effortlessly getting through the song “Wicked, Wicked Games”.  Completely worth watching the entire way through…wondering if this will become a new rage among experimental bands.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Looks like Regina Spektor is spending most of her time in front of the camera before she begins her trek across the states in support of her upcoming album, Far.  In just the past two weeks, three official music videos have surfaced from an album that’s still three weeks away from hitting stores and online. 

Has an artist ever attempted to release three music videos simultaneously before?  Will it confuse listeners (which is her official new song now, and when’s the release of the others)?  Is the element of surprise gone and therefore a crutch for what could be a hit single?  My dorky side would love to know the marketing objective and strategy behind this move….will it work?!

This time, another soft-ballad with some typewriting key punches in the right parts – see the video for “Eet” above. 

Check out the just released video for Regina Spektor’s “Dance Anthem of the 80s”, off of her forthcoming album, Far (out June 23rd).  A night and day comparison to her first single, the quieter “Laughing With.”

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Check out the masterpiece – officially to be released May 18th – but Regina’s updated her myspace page to give us a taste of the first single, “Laughing With”.

Piano, strings, soft vocals, storytelling…all in traditional Spektor style.  This is a good sign of all the greatness to come with her upcoming album, So Far, out June 23rd.   

Check out the tracklist from the new album:

01 “The Calculation”
02 “Eet”
03 “Blue Lips”
04 “Folding Chair”
05 “Machine”
06 “Laughing With”
07 “Human Of The Year”
08 “Two Birds”
09 “Dance Anthem”
10 “Genius Next Door”
11 “Wallet”
12 “One More Time With Feeling”
13 “Man Of A Thousand Faces”