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Life happens, it sucks, so I’ve been slacking badly here…

BUT, planning to just post photos of some of the recent shows I’ve been to…All good ones.

Stay tuned.



An IM from a friend:

*pa*e*t*a*y917: so I’m walking down the steps to the subway and this girl is at the bottom of the steps heading up and stops me and asks me “is it raining?”
*pa*e*t*a*y917: like what? she couldn’t handle the suspense any longer?

In the past month, I’ve received two magazines at home that feature the Jonas Brothers on the cover (no, I do not subscribe to Tiger Beat). 

What is going on in our world? Is it going to get to a point where I’ll actually have to know the names of each of these self-proclaimed “rockers”? 

What did we ever do to you, Rolling Stone and Time Out New York?!


I’ve returned from Charlotte, NC after four days of relaxing.

And now back to City-lization…where it’s common, appropriate, and completely necessary to include “Erotic Photohunt” as part of the game options on the Megatouch machines found in dive bars. 

To bar owners in North Carolina:  It’s okay to provide that option – it’s just entertainment, and not a ticket to hell (hopefully).

Back to the grind…

While on the subway ride this morning, a crazy man well into his 50s, possibly still drunk from the night before and sporting shades, sang along to Michael Jackson’s “I’ll Be There” (as he listened to the track on his huge and pretty dilapidated headphones). 

Just goes to show that MJ was loved even by the crazies.  I can’t say I can name another artist that will have such a huge effect on just about everyone…at least maybe not in my lifetime. 

Even the KKK might be mourning his death…

On Saturday, I randomly opened the case to my Igby Goes Down DVD, and out pops a Ryan Cabrera CD that has been missing from my Case Logic for three years.  Apparently I misplaced it.  Between the troubling story of Igby Goes Down and the teeny bopper tracks of Ryan Cabrera…that pretty much sums up my bizarre taste…and my life in general…

This has all sorts of crazy written all over it.

Clearly, it caught my attention.  And then I had to take a snapshot of it.

I’m still unsure what it all means, but I’m hoping it’s not serious.