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WITNESS AWESOMENESS BELOW.  Get on board with Lerche. 


Stereogum was lucky enough to snag the first single off of Sondre Lerche’s new album, Heartbeat Radio, out September 8th! It’s great to hear that Rounder Records has signed him, and that a tour is being scheduled for September. Done and done.  Head to Stereogum to listen to the track.

Below is the track listing for the new album.

01 “Good Luck”
02 “Heartbeat Radio”
03 “I Cannot Let You Go”
04 “Like Lazenby”
05 “If Only”
06 “Pioneer”
07 “Easy to Persuade”
08 “Words and Music”
09 “I Guess it’s Gonna Rain Today”
10 “Almighty Moon”
11 “Don’t Look Now”
12 “Goodnight”

The best Norwegian import ever, named Sondre Lerche, recently hit up the Norwegian Short Film Festival (to support his wife, Mona, who made her film debut in one of the shorts).


This indie pop crooner’s been around for years, having started his career at 18, and even acknowledged as a buzzworthy talent on MTV back in 2001.  Each album keeps getting better (five albums under his belt).  He even took a bit of a departure with one collection, The Duper Sessions, and experimented with contemporary jazz .  It worked.  He returned to his indie pop sound with ’07’s Phantom Punch, only to become victim of the music industry’s pitfalls and later dropped by label Astralwerks.  Since then, he continues to sell out shows in the US (and abroad), and record new tracks – a new album is due in the fall of ’09 (label TBA).   Still, he remains relatively unknown.


Watch a clip from the festival, and check out his first Late Show/Letterman experience, in support of Dan In Real Life– the Steve Carell film he scored – completely.  Funny to see him be happy as a pig in sh*t while performing…


Check out his tracks on his myspace now – he’s great.  I don’t really need to sell him to you (although I kind of just tried really hard) – he sells himself.