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The Drums played a 45 minute set last night (January 19th) at the more intimate stage in Webster Hall (The Studio) to a crowd of 250 max (part of a benefit show for Dan Duggins).  The highlight of the night was their cover of The Supremes’ “Where Did Our Love Go”, completely hipsterdized and surprisingly amazing. The band attempted to re-do the crowd favorite “Let’s Go Surfing” – slowed down, different arrangement – but it just didn’t quite work; and they knew that – prefacing with “We’ve never done it like this, it might be awful.”

I’m a HUGE fan of The Drums and have been for about two years now, and as they continue to blow up even more, it seems like they’ve lost a bit of that polished sound that I remember from their earlier days.  Frontman Jonny Pierce nails the Mick Jagger swagger and even a little David Bowie, but the vocals have taken a shift – doesn’t have the same melodramatic and simple (delicate, maybe?) tone you hear on their tracks anymore.  I’m still a huge fan…but I do miss the days of their Don Hill’s and Brooklyn Bowl shows….(side note:  Bring back the tambourine, Jacob Graham! No one plays it quite like you.)

Photos from the show below.  Till the next one!


Advertisements recently shot one of the best live sessions I’ve seen from The Drums (IMHO) – check out the tracks below.  The Drums play a benefit show at Webster Hall on Wednesday, January 19th.

The fanbase for one of the standout bands of 2009, The Drums, seems to have grown substantially in the past ten months.  The Brooklyn-based band, who formerly had residencies at Pianos and Don Hill’s in NYC (sometimes free admission shows), officially sold out Webster Hall last night as part of the CMJ Marathon.  Playing through a 70-minute set that included tracks from their first official self-titled album released in the UK and US this summer (and their EP, Summertime), original members Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham kept the energy at a solid level on stage – even when closing the show with their one ballad, “Down By The Water.”  Pierce seems to have become a more comfortable frontman on stage in comparison to a year ago.  If there were a Mick Jagger of the music indie-verse, Jonny would be it. 


I’ve written plenty about The Drums in the past, and had yet another opportunity to see them at last night’s Bowery Ballroom SOLD OUT show (1/13) – some pictures below.  Their one hour set included tracks off of their EP, Summertime, mixed in with new tracks that’ll be featured in an upcoming full length album – to be released later this year.  I won’t go on about them because I’ve said plenty in previous posts.  I’ll let others tell you:

“New York’s official Coolest New Band…this might be the most contagiously energetic NYC band of the past 10 years.” — NME

“Effortlessly mixes two disparate styles – Joy Division’s brooding, post-punk vibe and a strong dose of Dick Dale – into a jumpy, three-minute jam that’s catchier the H1N1” — Rolling Stone

Voted #1 Best Hope for 2010 – Pitchfork

The Drums took part in the weekly (Saturday night) GBH Presents event on August 22, 2009.  Fantastic show for two reasons:

1. The Drums take their energy pills and and give a power-packed show.

2.  The free show was part of GBH Presents at the Tribeca Grand – an awesome party.  Go!


Pix from The Drums‘ August 7th “Summertime” EP release party @ Don Hill’s.



WHO: The Drums are Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham; New York based and formerly of the now defunct band Elkland.

COMPARISONS:The Smiths meets Joy Division meets a little bit of Echo & the Bunnymen.

WORTHY: Any band that can make the 1950s sound (“Down by the Water”) and surf culture (“Let’s Go Surfing”) seem hip again deserves to be heard. Listen to the Smiths-infused “I Felt Stupid” – it’ll be on constant repeat in no time.

MORE: Visit them here and check out their myspace.  Catch them at Don Hill’s this Friday, 8.7., for their EP release party.  The “Summertime” EP is officially released through Twenty Seven Records on 9.15.