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WHO: Los Angeles band Warpaint Emily, Theresa, Jenny, Stella.

COMPARISONS: An all-girl The xx, The Breeders in 2011 with a hint of Holly Miranda.

WORTHY: It’s chick experimental rock with balls, and their videos are almost like art.

MORE: Warpaint is one of those “bigger in the UK” bands at the moment, touring Austrailia and the UK in the next few months…AND FINALLY,  a band that Spacey Tracy, founder of Pulp Carnivale, and I can actually agree on.


What’s the matter? You hurt yourself?
Opened your eyes and there was someone else?
Now i’ve got you in the undertow.
Now i’ve got you in the undertow.
Why you wanna blame me for your troubles?
Ah ah ah you better learn your lesson yourself.
Nobody ever has to find out what’s in my mind tonight.