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This is one of the best cover songs I’ve ever heard – hopefully Sara Bareilles will release it as a bonus track.  It’s perfect.  Chris Martin should be proud.  Check out the clip from last night’s Z100 live stream from NYC.


It’s been quite a busy few weeks, and finally catching up on music news and updating the blog…so forgive the lateness of this, but thought I’d embarrass myself and publicly share that I was fortunate to go to NYC’s Z100 Zootopia for a second year in a row.  That’s right, second year in a row.  If you read the reviews, you’ll know that Kelly Clarkson stole the show.  Flo Rida was a close second – that’s not a typo.

My photos from the May 16th Z100 Zootopia concert at East Rutherford, NJ’s Izod Center: